Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Came we Saw We Now Have Mouse Ears!

We took the kids to Disney Wolrd for a week and wow could you pack anymore fun into so little time? We visited the Animal Kingdom, the Magic Kingdom, and Epcot and cooled off at Typhoon Lagoon. For the first time I got to ride on the rides because I wasn't pregnant!!!!! This was my third visit! I think Rylie had the most magical time. She couldn't get enough of the princesses and she was willing to try any ride once. Morgan and Caiden were looking for danger at every corner, they wanted a good thrill. Jaxson is more a speed guy! He likes to go fast but doesn't care to be scared along the way. Joshua was in it for the juice! He drank juice like it was going out of style. Troy was the fast pass King. That man got us on every ride sometimes more than once. I was amazed at his skill and speed, I only had to get after him once about getting so excited and needing to slow down. Needless to say we had fun but we are glad to be home!!