Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daddy's girl! That is what little miss Rylie is. She looks just like him and she likes to spend as much time with him as possible. I found them like this on a Saturday afternoon. She just loves to be with her Dad. As I write this she is outside helping him pick up sticks so that he can mow the lawn. She is are best helper and a great snuggler!

Independence Day

Caiden rode in his first parade on Independence Day! He rode with his scout troop and when they past where we were sitting it felt like they threw out all the candy they had. It was like a typhoon of candy! It was great. We spent the day with Troy's family and went to watch the fire works behind the school.... now here is where we have a story for those tempted to let your husband keep an eye on one of your kids..... we arrived at our spot in the crowd of people. Josh was in his stroller. I am setting up seats and counting heads and telling kids no you can't go to the playground just yet when I turn around to get Josh out and he is gone.... I looked to Troy and I say... Where is Josh? His answer was, he was here a second a go..... Turns out Troy got Josh out of the stroller and than got something in his eye and forgot that you can't set a two year old down. It was the most upsetting time in my life, it took us ten minutes to find him. He had run all the way to the park at the begining of where you come in at. Needless to say I had a few words for his Dad and it took me a while to calm down. Life lesson learned. Two year olds will go to the park the first second you turn your back :) I am happy to report the rest of the evening was great!