Thursday, May 29, 2008

WE Love you Aunt Kelly! Sending lots of Kisses and Huggs your way!

Kelly has left us and headed back west! She is going back to school and we are missing her already. In her honor we had a party to send her off right. We had a wonderful chocolate cake covered in buttercream frostring! It was so yummy! I did however only get one piece of the yummy cake because little Hobita decided to carry the half sheet of cake to his room... lock his door and chow down! By the time we realized he had snatched the cake it was too late! We have learned our lesson and will never leave cake unattended with Little Hobitta! LOL

Morgan was a big help in keeping track of the little ones and running wiggles to the bathroom. I swear it was her favorite place at camp next to the water!

The hike in to the falls took a mile almost all up hill but the kids mocked us as they ran the whole way there!

We played at the falls! Josh enjoyed chilling with his trail mix watching everyone else get wet!

It was a bit cold at night but we managed to stay warm. Did I mention that I brought an electric blanket?

Memorial Weekend

Home sweet Home! We had a blast this past Memorial Weekend! We went camping up at Cascade Lakes. I think final count had 34 of us at our group site!