Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We loved our Camping trip up in Brevard! We went with some of our close friends and family and just enjoyed being outdoors! We stayed at a group camp site so that we could all be right there with each other. We went on our favorite hike to the water fall. I even tried sliding down sliding rock which was perhaps the coldest water I have ever been in. I found it was easier to go down knowing Troy was at the bottom to catch me! I really love being with our group and appreciate the work everyone put in to make it a success!

We experienced many things while camping this year! I even braved the kareoke! It rained but we stayed warm and dry in the tent! It was a great adventure!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Day of Hockey!

Caid loves hockey. I enjoy watching him play. This last Tuesday he had back to back games and he did really well. He didn't seem to get too tired and I loved watching him get in there and fight for the puck. I realized though that I hold my breath a lot when watching him!

Second game of the night

Caiden looks so litte as they end the games for the night. He is number 8.

Good Game

Josh has a habit lately of sneaking out of bed and getting into trouble. Mother's Day was no exception. We had put everyone to bed and Morgan and I were down playing Rockband 2 and Troy was working on his computer when I heard the scraping of the stool on the floor above in the kitchen. Troy yelled up to go to bed and we thought that was the last of it little did we know that was only the begining, he just tiptoed after that......

Josh's Mother's Day Caper

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adult night out in Florida

We adults thought we would go out to dinner and try something new while down in Florida. After looking on the internet and discusing our options we decided to try Artiste Point at the Wilderness Frontier Resort at Disney. We picked it because it sounded like the food would be good as the reviews that we read said large portions (if you have ever eaten with Troy you know this is important) and great food. We sat down at our table (we had reservations that would charge you if you cancelled) and proceeded to look at the menu.... it consisted of a piece of paper with about seven appetizers and eight entres. The table grew quiet as we each tried to decide what to select. I was dumbfounded as I looked at what was offered and the adjoining price... the food was questionable as too content and the prices ranged form 35 to 43 dollars a plate!!!!!! As I considered the menu, all I could think off was we would be charged if we got up and left but there was no way I was paying 43 dollars for a meal that had leeks in it... lol some may like leeks but I am not a fan. So I bravely said... perhaps if we ordered appetizers? Everyone liked that idea because the appetizers sounded good. When the waiter came we order three orders of the pot stickers and one assorted cheeses. I thought he was going to have a heart attack when we announced we would only be having appetizers. He left to put in our order with a snide comment to enjoy the bread and water, which ironically we didn't because the water tasted too much like sulpher! So we notice other people receiving their meals as we are waiting and can I just say... even for my taste the portions were tiny. When the appetizers finally arrived we were very glad we hadn't order the entres, the appetizers were extremely small and all though good, they were seriously nothing to write home about! Needless to say we stopped at Arbies later that night after we finished shopping at the outlets!

Our trip to Sea World

For spring break we headed to Florida with Dan and Melissa and their kids. We have never been to Sea World and so with great excitement we set out. This of course was our first trip in the car generously given to us by my parents and the kids were very comfortable. We have discovered that the back seat is so comfortable that Troy and I took turns sleeping there on the drive down. We arrived Sunday evening and spent the next day relaxing, swimming and shopping! North Face got most of our attention. Tuesday we set off for Sea World! The first stop on our journey took us to the Turtles. Jax was in heaven! He loves turtles and had many questions. We then went and fed the Dolphins. Josh wasn't too sure he enjoyed the Dolphins coming that close but the rest of the group loved it. We attended the Dolphin show right after and it was so cool! I think I enjoyed more than the kids, it sent goose bumps up my arms and will have to admit there were tears in my eyes as it ended. It was just so cool to see the trainers and the Dolphins working together and putting on such great show... oh and there were birds... they were cool to but not as cool as the Dolphins. The roller coaster at Sea World is called the Kraken and I think it is my favorite roller coaster. It is very smooth and doesn't throw you around but it thrills you and makes your stomach feel like you left it behind! We all took turn riding it and then headed off to the Sea Pirate show that entertained us with comedy and sea lions. Josh loved it! In fact when we came back the second day that was the first thing he wanted to see! We went to Shamus Happy Harbor and the kids road on the rides and played in the sand until it was time to go to Shamus show! As we sat on the benches waiting for the show to start a storm rolled in and we could watch the lightening and sometimes hear the thunder. The show started and the storm was forgotten. Those whales were huge and so fun to watch. I could stayed all day! We were in the soak zone but we didn't get splashed much to kaci's disappointment. I am thinking we must have gone back to the kids park after that and suddenly the sky opened up and we were drenched in seconds. It lasted about ten minutes and then we were off to find more fun and excitement. The day was well spent and it was great to have another day to come back and enjoy it all over again.

Sledding anyone

We woke to the suprise of snow. We have had news accounts before that we would get snow but this was the first actual snow that we could play in! It was a great day! Of course we told Morgan she was not allowed to sled, it has only been a year after all since her sledding accident. Morgan Rylie and I took off on a walk through the woods and it was amazing. The boys played on the hill and Caiden made a little snowman. Josh didn't like it as much, he played for about five minutes and then wanted hot chocolate! All in all it was a good day.

Snow Came to the South!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So Caiden had a bad case of warts one year. They were on every toe of one of his feet and there were about three per two. It took a long time to get rid of all them and it was not one of his favorite experiences. He is now very wary of folks with warts...enter his friend Hunter. Poor Hunter has a wart and showed Caiden and Caiden was a bit freaked out and we had to have a talk with him about not making friends feel like they were unclean just because of warts. I haven't given the situation another thought until Hunters mom called to tell me the latest wart story. Hunter was over one night and Caiden offered his services. He had gotten into the first aid box and found the packages of wart pads. He handed Hunter a card with the pads on it and said,"Here's my card, call me later." I got a good laugh out of that and Hunter's mom did too! Boys will do the funniest things!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Broken Arm!

Well, I knew the good luck couldn't last! Wed night Jax fell on the driveway and landed on his hands. He started crying right away and told us it was broken. We checked it out and couldn't really see a break, he moved it really well. The next morning it was swollen and I decided better take him and he was right... it was broken! He will be in a cast for the next three weeks. Poor little guy!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


So not everyone enjoys a band concert but Rylie sure did! She loves to shake it up and this was a great time... non stop music and a captive audience! Her little Brother joined her!