Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our trip to Sea World

For spring break we headed to Florida with Dan and Melissa and their kids. We have never been to Sea World and so with great excitement we set out. This of course was our first trip in the car generously given to us by my parents and the kids were very comfortable. We have discovered that the back seat is so comfortable that Troy and I took turns sleeping there on the drive down. We arrived Sunday evening and spent the next day relaxing, swimming and shopping! North Face got most of our attention. Tuesday we set off for Sea World! The first stop on our journey took us to the Turtles. Jax was in heaven! He loves turtles and had many questions. We then went and fed the Dolphins. Josh wasn't too sure he enjoyed the Dolphins coming that close but the rest of the group loved it. We attended the Dolphin show right after and it was so cool! I think I enjoyed more than the kids, it sent goose bumps up my arms and will have to admit there were tears in my eyes as it ended. It was just so cool to see the trainers and the Dolphins working together and putting on such great show... oh and there were birds... they were cool to but not as cool as the Dolphins. The roller coaster at Sea World is called the Kraken and I think it is my favorite roller coaster. It is very smooth and doesn't throw you around but it thrills you and makes your stomach feel like you left it behind! We all took turn riding it and then headed off to the Sea Pirate show that entertained us with comedy and sea lions. Josh loved it! In fact when we came back the second day that was the first thing he wanted to see! We went to Shamus Happy Harbor and the kids road on the rides and played in the sand until it was time to go to Shamus show! As we sat on the benches waiting for the show to start a storm rolled in and we could watch the lightening and sometimes hear the thunder. The show started and the storm was forgotten. Those whales were huge and so fun to watch. I could stayed all day! We were in the soak zone but we didn't get splashed much to kaci's disappointment. I am thinking we must have gone back to the kids park after that and suddenly the sky opened up and we were drenched in seconds. It lasted about ten minutes and then we were off to find more fun and excitement. The day was well spent and it was great to have another day to come back and enjoy it all over again.

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