Thursday, April 9, 2009

Adult night out in Florida

We adults thought we would go out to dinner and try something new while down in Florida. After looking on the internet and discusing our options we decided to try Artiste Point at the Wilderness Frontier Resort at Disney. We picked it because it sounded like the food would be good as the reviews that we read said large portions (if you have ever eaten with Troy you know this is important) and great food. We sat down at our table (we had reservations that would charge you if you cancelled) and proceeded to look at the menu.... it consisted of a piece of paper with about seven appetizers and eight entres. The table grew quiet as we each tried to decide what to select. I was dumbfounded as I looked at what was offered and the adjoining price... the food was questionable as too content and the prices ranged form 35 to 43 dollars a plate!!!!!! As I considered the menu, all I could think off was we would be charged if we got up and left but there was no way I was paying 43 dollars for a meal that had leeks in it... lol some may like leeks but I am not a fan. So I bravely said... perhaps if we ordered appetizers? Everyone liked that idea because the appetizers sounded good. When the waiter came we order three orders of the pot stickers and one assorted cheeses. I thought he was going to have a heart attack when we announced we would only be having appetizers. He left to put in our order with a snide comment to enjoy the bread and water, which ironically we didn't because the water tasted too much like sulpher! So we notice other people receiving their meals as we are waiting and can I just say... even for my taste the portions were tiny. When the appetizers finally arrived we were very glad we hadn't order the entres, the appetizers were extremely small and all though good, they were seriously nothing to write home about! Needless to say we stopped at Arbies later that night after we finished shopping at the outlets!

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