Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Day of Hockey!

Caid loves hockey. I enjoy watching him play. This last Tuesday he had back to back games and he did really well. He didn't seem to get too tired and I loved watching him get in there and fight for the puck. I realized though that I hold my breath a lot when watching him!

Second game of the night

Caiden looks so litte as they end the games for the night. He is number 8.

Good Game

Josh has a habit lately of sneaking out of bed and getting into trouble. Mother's Day was no exception. We had put everyone to bed and Morgan and I were down playing Rockband 2 and Troy was working on his computer when I heard the scraping of the stool on the floor above in the kitchen. Troy yelled up to go to bed and we thought that was the last of it little did we know that was only the begining, he just tiptoed after that......

Josh's Mother's Day Caper